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Toxic Food and T-Day

Even after watching the movie Food Inc, we enjoyed a gluttonous non-organic turkey dinner (cooked two ways – deep fried and BBQ!). But that movie (and a cancer diagnosis) made us think and we are making a big effort to eat locally and organically. I am also reading Master Your Metabolism (Jillain Michaels) which is not about a diet – but covers the importance of eating whole foods and how toxins can affect your endocrine system.

In addition, I have seen so many reports about the fish in our rivers – they are not reproducing because all the males are turning into females!! The males actually have eggs sacs in them – this is due to chemicals that make estrogens.  Mike used to catch salmon off San Francisco Bay but the fishing season has been canceled for a couple of years now because there are no fish.  See the New York Times article below – these estrogen laden fish are like the canary in the coal mine…what’s does this mean for humans?

Study links estrogen exposure to fish kills, disease