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May was a crazy month for our household.  Many of our family members decided to be born in May, including our two children who are separated by 2 years and one week and my brother and sister in law, in addition to many others that are near and dear to us.

One thing we enjoy doing each year is throwing a big double birthday party for the kids.  So we invited 60 of their classmates and had a “treasure hunt” at the lovely Junipero Serra County Park in San Bruno. Other than the violent wind and the end of the world prediction on the same day, it was a great day of fun.

Birthday invite

Jack and Aidan hunting for treasure hunt rocks

In addition to being Melanoma month,  May 4 was the Melanoma Research Foundation’s Wings of Hope gala in San Francisco.  I joined the event committee and helped them with a bit of marketing and PR in addition to the fun task of collecting bottles of gin, scotch and rum from my generous friends for the party.  The best part: Mike and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a number of long term Stage IV melanoma survivors…. Erick Davis, Suzanne Lescure, and Kari Worth – all patients of Dr David Minor at Cal Pacific Medical Center. Suzanne and Kari were both recognized for their contributions at the event and it was so uplifting to meet them.   Here are some pics of the gala:

Mike and Emily and MRF event in San Francisco

May was fun, but I am looking forward to an event-less June!

Fun in the Sun

Yes, we can still have fun in the sun!  Last year at this time, I thought our days were over at the beach.  But I have realized its quite nice to sit under an umbrella in the sand.  The only problem is protecting your face and head in the water.  You can’t really wear a hat body surfing.  And the waterproof sunscreen doesn’t last.   I have to admit, Mike got a bit burnt on his nose. And I got burnt a little where the sunscreen didn’t cover.  I feel guilty.  Mike says I am not a good melanoma wife.  Oh well, what’s done is done.

Anyway, this was our first vacation since Melanoma came to visit and we were celebrating clear scans, and our birthdays.  We were supposed to go to Disneyland.  But we did one day of Lego Land and had enough of standing in line.  Instead, we hit the beach.  We stayed with our good friends at their beach house in San Clemente two blocks from the ocean.  What a great beach town!  Miles of beach, a pier and restaurants and a cute shopping downtown all in my favorite Spanish style architecture.  We ran in the morning, hit the beach, had cocktails, ate out, slept in, and repeated that for a week.

Aidan on San Clemente Pier, Aug 2010

We loved it!

Mike on the beach

Mike digging on the beach

Lego Land Caitlin Mike

Lego Land - Caitlin and Mike

They grow so quickly…

Aidan Age 1

My baby doll - almost age 7 Aidan Age 6.8

A fine Irish 3 year old

Caitlin – Age 8

Elton John Age 3

Elton John Age 1