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The Parallel Universe of Cancer

We are approaching one year since Mike’s mole was removed at the dermatologist. So far there has been no evidence that the melanoma has spread to the rest of his body. Scans are done every 6 months to check for tumors. A PET scan was done last Friday and we are currently waiting for the news on Tuesday. The docs have warned us that with his stage the highest chance of developing new tumors comes after 12 months. So the longer we get out from his initial diagnosis, the scarier these scans get.

It is pure torture waiting for this news. The results of these scans could force us back into the parallel universe of cancer. This is a place where you are forced to give up the normalcy of your every day life and face the reality of life or death. We haven’t been back to that universe for almost year a now and we like it that way. Our friend who also has stage 3 melanoma just had her scans and they found lung mets…this in an incredibly fit young mother of two who has no symptoms. Now she must give up her normal life and swap it with one full of doctors visits, research, and the hardest part of all with stage 4 melanoma…deciding on a treatment. We are following every thing she does very closely as this could very well be our reality down the road. Hopefully it won’t – but you just never know with this disease. That’s what makes it so scary. That’s why they call it ‘the beast’.

Mike and I were watching Showtime last night and saw a trailer for a new series. The show is called “The C Word” and it premieres on Aug 16. It stars Laura Linney as a divorced young mother who is diagnosed with melanoma. It is a dark comedy (which is kind of like our life right now). Of course, we can’t wait to see what happens to her as she enters the parallel universe of cancer (well at least how it is depicted on TV).

Aidan’s Pool Party

Aidan’s Pool Party, originally uploaded by McAuliffe2010.

Aidan had his friends over this weekend because we got a new pool. It has been a huge hit with the kids. They need sun shirts though! Sunscreen isn’t cutting it.  So my video uploading skills are improving but now I have to remember to not cover the lens with a finger and to shoot horizontal versus vertical on the iphone.

Cleaning up a bad poop – video test

Cleaning up a bad poop, originally uploaded by McAuliffe2010.

Testing Flickr and WordPress …and grossing out on a poop – my video skills need work – stay tuned!

Testing my video abilities

With my new iphone 4 and its high def video, I am having fun making videos and editing them in imovie and I love it.  But the most challenging thing of all is trying to share these videos.  Especially trying to embed video in WordPress.   Putting an embed code from You Tube doesn’t work and now I am trying Flickr.  What a pain in the ass – this should be easy.