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Mole removal and Sun Tattoo

When I turned 21, I got a tattoo.  See it in the picture – it’s a sun.  You see, I have always loved the sun and all things associated with it – the warmth, the tan, the beach, the pool, the vacation, etc. I was always tan – been in sunbeds countless times, and never knew anything about melanoma.  So I got a sun tattoo and now I find it ironic that the thing I loved so much is now partly responsible for causing me so much pain.   And it is stamped on my ankle to remind me of how naive and young I was.  Even the week before Mike was diagnosed I sat with my two friends at the pool with no sunscreen – and actually said “I don’t understand how skin cancer can kill you.”

May is melanoma awareness month.  So I preach to everyone to get their skin checked.  I actually switched primary doctors so I could get a referral to a dermatologist.  My previous doctor had made me feel like a hypochondriac when I asked her to check some moles after telling her my husband had just been diagnosed with melanoma.  She looked at the moles and brushed me off.  So I switched doctors and I am now under the care of Mike’s doctor who immediately gave me a referral to the dermatologist for a mole map.  So this week I went to the same doctor that diagnosed Mike.   It was weird sitting in the same place where he got the news – but back then, ignorance was bliss and we were clueless as to what melanoma meant.  Now that I was so hyper aware of my moles and skin and the consequences – I waited nervously for the doctor.  When she came in, I told her my sins and we discussed my situation.  She asked me to make the decision about two moles that she wasn’t that worried about, but knew leaving them there would just stress me out.  One on my chest, one on my thigh. One tiny little black mole and one small brown/tan mole. They only exhibited two of things to watch for in the ABCDEs of melanoma.  But I told her to take them off.   Good bye, good riddance.  Biopsy results in a week.  As she whipped out her knife, she told me how she had diagnosed some very young people with melanoma.  In their 20s.  At the same age I was when I got my sun tattoo, these young people were being diagnosed with cancer.   It really makes me wonder what is causing this disease to strike young people and older people more often than before – is it the sun/ozone, sunbeds, or something else we just aren’t aware of yet?

Anyway, I hope you all will get your skin checked.  The biopsy doesnt hurt, I promise.  Get the melanoma off early and its highly curable.  Let it sit and you are playing Russian Roulette.

My sister in law works for Stanford’s melanoma dermatology department and they are offering free skin checks on May 22 from 9am to noon.  Mike and I will be there to help – hope you can join us:


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  1. Shirley Z

    I hear you Emily. I’m 50 now but was also a huge sun worshiper. I stopped after my husband and I got married ( I was 38 then). At 46 I was diagnosed with stage IIIC. I may have not stopped then except my husband who is olive skinned convinced me that the sun is different now. Much hotter than it once was. (he grew up on the Lake Eries Islands where his parents had a place and he could feel the changes in the sun over the years). I can’t believe that having a tan was so important back then. I was so nieve.
    We can’t take back the damage. All we can do is try to spread the word and hope that it gets through to someone to prevent them from going through what we are.
    Hope you and your family have a great weekend.
    Its been so crazy here. We were in Baltimore visiting our daughter last weekend who is about to deploy. Got a call that my 93 yr old mother-in-law fell and broke her femur bone in her arm. She already has heart problems fluid on lungs, but they had no choice to do surgery. Bone was about to come through the skin. When they went to put the screws in the bone shattered so they had to do a bone graft. Then 2 days later the battery dies in her pacemaker. On stand-by mode only so she had to have that replaced. She is still in the hospital. She had my hubby late in life so he is her baby. All his other brothers are in Florida. Never a dull moment!
    Shirley Z

    May 15, 2010 at 4:43 pm

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