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Vita Mix’n

Vita Mix Green Smoothie and Mustache

Vita Mix Green Smoothie and Mustache

We were so thrilled when Mike’s Uncle Jim surprised us with the coolest (and hottest) blender in the world. A bad-ass Vita Mix.   Vita Mix and BlendTec make these “super blenders” that are so powerful you can grind an Iphone into dust (see the BlendTec video).  But we aren’t going to use them for our cell phones.  We are going to throw in some raw, whole fruits and veggies and drink them up with all of the fiber and nutritional glory they were meant to have.   You can even make soup in the Vita Mix – it cooks it right in the container due to all of the friction from the 2 HP motor. We made our first green smoothie and it was so good – cucumber, spinach, parsley, grapes, orange, and ginger.  You just peel and blend.  Super healthy way to drink your fruits and vegetables every day.  Dont get me wrong, we still need to have some fun – so we are going to make “whole fruit” margaritas on occasion.  You literally just toss in the entire peeled lemons/limes with your tequila and ice.  Yum!

From Warriors to Angels

Two Melanoma Warriors became Angels this past week.  Both young fathers, their battles were brave and heartfelt.  As they fought, their wives tried everything they could to help them.  Whether it was prayer, challenging pharmaceutical companies, keeping their husband’s pain at bay, driving long distances to the hospital, blogging to keep everyone up to date, taking care of their devastated children – they did it for love.   These amazing women are also Melanoma Warriors and they will remain so – now with their loving husbands as guardian angels looking after them from above. 

Rest in Peace.

Marcus Stanley, Age 35

Clint Slatton, Age 39